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Bubble Gum Handmade Rope Lead

Bubble Gum Handmade Rope Lead

Our handcrafted rope leads come in three different variations! You can choose from a regular lead, slip lead or figure 8 lead in them.

Each lead is secured with a snake knot, stitched with wax polyester and finished with a complimentary coloured cord to make sure you are safe but fashionable on your walks!


They also all have an O-Ring near the handle to attach accessories such as a poop bag holder or treat bag for ease! Each lead is roughly 3-4ft long, but can vary so may be a little bit shorter or longer as they are all handmade!

Our Bubble Gum rope lead is a gorgeous bubblegum pink with a vibrant purple wraparound cord and yellow gold hardware. It's a beautiful alternative to match our Palm Springs collection!

    PriceFrom £20.00
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